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  • Women and Men sleeping in the same room.
  • Supportive masculinity
  • Sexual harassment

«This book is a bit startling. It goes far beyond conventional notions about gender integration in the military (…) It’s a most hopeful book. A book that suggests that when given the opportunity, women and men can work and live together as equals. For decades among the most gender equal nations in the world, Norway has brought a new meaning to gender equality in what has been a bastion of gender inequality: the military. Women and men join, train and live together in what Ellingsen and Lilleaas call «mixed rooms», barracks that do not differentiate by gender. This startling finding, the basis for this book, is decidedly optimistic. For the experience of the Norwegian military shows that, with careful guidance and uncompromising leadership, women and men can be equal in all aspects of life. And, it turns out, both women and men are better off for it.» Distinguished professor Michael Kimmel, State University of New York (SUNY) in his foreword.


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